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Transformation: Exploring our inner world, sense of self, and how our past affects the present.  Examining past relationships, experiences and feelings helps us to better understand who we are.  The goal is to be our best future selves. 

Areas of focus: life transitions, particularly those around pregnancy and parenting, trauma & PTSD, sexual assault, relationship stressors, depression, anxiety, loss and bereavement, shame and self-esteem, LGBTQIA, medical crises and pain

Collaboration: Our relationship matters and we will talk about it throughout our time together.  I work mindfully, meeting each person where they are and aim to create a safe, trusting, and open environment. 

Awareness: Integrating our bodies, breath and physical selves as well as processing any in-the-moment reactions.  This connection helps us to more deeply understand ourselves and the world around us.  It gives us great tools to work with during stressful moments outside of therapy.

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